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Kawasaki Ultra 150 Modifications

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The Kawasaki Ultra 150 that was originally a very unpredictablePapoloko 2000 kawasaki Ultra 150 jet ski prayer picture jet ski became a tamed one with a few bolt on modifications. As we all know, the ultra 150 jet ski, was made a high performance rocket from factory and it took the speed title as the fastest stock personal watercraft produced and sold at that time. The handling modifications that follow made a big difference in sharp turning and the kind of water that you can ride in at full speed. They were and are well worth their cost and the effort involved.

There are many types of modifications already developed for the ultra 150 and the only Daren 81.1 mph 2000 Ultra 150 Motor picture - Read his posts and learn the detailed story of his modifications at the Ultra150 Forumlimitations are, usually, the high price they will cost you. I have known of ultras that went over, a verified, 80 mph on radar or gps devices but, it took big $ in doing the modifications to get there. I know of a guy, Daren, that got his ultra 150, to run stable and reliable, up to 81.1 mph and then, he sold it because he had reached the hulls speed limit. That was his claim and I believed him since he documented the complete modification process, video taped the speed runs, and it can be viewed at a couple of related forums online. Some of the many types of modifications that you can do to PWC should include; handling, performance, safety, comfort and cosmetics. You could do them for recreational or circuit racing purposes. Most people that get involved with recreational performance modifications are going for raw top speed gains in order to beat somebody at their water hole. Circuit racers, on the other hand, are looking more for acceleration and handling combined with top speed.

Modifications cost will vary depending on "used versus new" and how good and lucky you get when looking for aftermarket parts. The best prices can be found searching on online at ebay and the many PWC forums that include classifieds sections, these seems to be the cheapest way. Be aware of the risk involved when buying online. I'm not related with any shop so, I can't control what the aftermarket parts will be selling for!

Handling Modifications:Papoloko 2000 kawasaki Ultra 150 handling modifications picture - Click to enlarge picture

Shreadmaster riding plate

R&D Aquavein intake grate

Set of Beach House Sponson

Extended Steering Nozzle

or just an Extension ring

Recreational Level 1 Performance Modifications:

Cylinder Heads Modification: 42 CC R&D Red Heads

Carburetors Modification: Skiworx CV Carbs Mod

Exhaust Modification: Skiworx Stinger Modification

Impeller Modification: Solas Dynafly16/20 - Balanced

Jet Pump Mod: Shimmed and Blue Printed Jet Pump

Above + extra addition to my 2000 Ultra 150

Papoloko 2000 kawasaki Ultra 150 mounted Buckshot BRM50s carbs picture - Click to enlarge pictureBuckshot BRM50s Carburetors

PROK flame arrestors

R&D Intake manifolds

Front Triple Pissers

Mukini fuel pump

Fuel Primer kit

Higher Performance Mods available:

Extrude Hone Headpipe and Exhaust manifold

GroupK NOVI 48mm Carbs with TPS mount, no fuel pumps

Triple Pipes Exhaust Mod from Factory Pipes

R&D M-16 Complete Intake Reeds

Complete UMI Steering System

Safety, comfort and looks mods:


Jettrim seat cover

Hydro-Turf l Splash Guard

Rule 500 GPH Bilge Pump

Garmin eTrex GPS device


Floor Mats

Duck bills Drain Plugs

Tiny Tach

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Well, nobody knows yet which one will be the faster jet ski in town but, no matters what brand of jet ski you ride, be it a Yamaha GPR, a Seadoo RXP or a Kawasaki Ultra 250X, nor if you live in the east, west coast or another country, I still like to wish all racing and recreational PWC enthusiasts lots of luck with their next modification and jet ski racing battle. God bless you all... Papoloko!

View my 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 jet ski 68.7 gps mph video

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